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Welcome to SSB!

Fueling Small Business Growth & Igniting Community Vitality

Owning a small, small business can be incredibly rewarding; but there are times it is very difficult and even lonely. Many of your family & friends don’t get it… but we do. Surround yourself with people who get it and will do what they can to champion your success.

Not only are we concerned about the success of each SSB owner, we are driven to see that success drive impact in local communities. As small businesses thrive, their communities thrive. Greater resources are unlocked and the community pride increase, working together to improve the overall well-being of its residents.

The SSB Community is here to equip the independent, overwhelmed, individual owner… but we are also here to ignite a revolution in communities struggling because of the difficulties faced by their small businesses.

You need to succeed. Your community needs you to succeed. Our world needs you to succeed. Let us help make that happen.

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