Ep 007 Jade Stanley on Procedures

Small, small business owners are getting burnt out by overwhelming and inefficient operations without the ability to rest or practice self-care. We need to figure out how to get our tasks done more efficiently, whether that is automation or outsourcing or having procedures that will streamline our work. Jade Stanley is an expert from Jacksonville, … Read more.

Ep 006 Chris Janke-Bueno on Health & Fitness

Chris Janke-Bueno is a fitness trainer from the San Francisco Bay area who shares insights into developing a fitness mindset and some practical ways to improve our health and fitness as we age and manage the chaos of running a small business. Chris is best reached through mycorebalance.com Full Audio 10-Minute Highlight Video … Read more.

The Two Struggles of Good Leaders (Emily)

Emily Dickinson is one of our SSB Coaches who is a featured guest on Australian radio. She is a coach at Novus Global and, in this episode, she chatted about the Intuitive Fence and how it ties to the two struggles of good leaders. Every leader drastically underestimates what they’re capable of. Every leader drastically … Read more.

It’s Time to Practice More Self-Leadership, Not Less (Emily)

Emily Dickinson is one of our SSB Coaches who is a featured guest on Australian radio. She is a coach at Novus Global and, in this episode, she chatted about self-leadership and its importance in the current coronavirus crisis. “A crisis is actually the time to practice self-leadership more, not less.” — Emily Dickinson Members … Read more.

Why Small Small Business?

Since I started communicating my vision for the Small Small Business Community and Podcast, I have been asked two primary questions: What is a “small, small business?” and “why are you focusing on them?” What is a “Small, Small Business” There is no absolute definition of a “small, small business.” Instead, it is a way … Read more.

Ep 005 Lisa Zawrotny on Simplicity

Lisa Zawrotny is a Certified Stress Management Coach specializing in Productivity & Organizing from New York. She is committed to removed the “Busy Badge of Honor” that so many of us wear, offering a way to move from Complexity to Simplicity. We talk about considering all of our todos and focus only on the Important … Read more.

Ep 004 Chyanne Smith on Customer Service

Every business owner knows customer service is important, yet so often we see it as a key driver in failure or becoming stuck. Think of your own experience with customer service; how does your experience change your perception of a business, what you communicate with others, and how you decide to spend your own money. … Read more.

Ep 003 Sabrina Schottenhamel on Networking

Networking sounds like a good idea, but it is worth the time and money to get together with the same group of people every week just to go around and share about our business for one minute each? Sabrina Schottenhamel lives near Chicago, Illinois, and has been a licensed massage therapist for 16 years. She … Read more.

Ep 002 Alex Bulmer on Bookkeeping

It is easy to get overwhelmed with receipts, recording, and reporting. “Doing the books” becomes a burden and we lose the opportunity to leverage that information to optimize our businesses. Alex Bulmer leads 3 Pillars Bookkeeping in Forest Lake, Minnesota, helping small business owners remove some of their financial management chaos and equip them to … Read more.