PRESS RELEASE: The Small Small Business (SSB) Community Launches Wide-Sweeping COVID Response Programs

PRESS RELEASE: The Small Small Business (SSB) Community Launches Wide-Sweeping COVID Response Programs The Small Small Business (SSB) Community is a collection of business coaches and experts who are passionate about the success of small, small businesses. We want to help them not only survive, but thrive, during (and after) these difficult times because we … Read more.

Ep 011: Panel Discussing the Impact of Small Small Businesses on Community Vitality

Host Steve Fredlund is joined by two co-hosts (Jim Reid and Jay Rasmussen) and a panel of experts to discuss the impact of small, small business on the vitality and vibrancy of their communities. The panel includes Noah Brod (Small Business Administration), Lindy Crawford (City Administrator), Greg Carlson (Executive Leader), Sheila Sellman (Community Development Director), … Read more.

Ep 010 Joanna Denton on Finding Your People

As a Executive and Public Speaking Coach from Belfast, Britain, Joanna Denton has become all about encouraging people to find their community. She is an advocate for finding people in your life (and businesses) who you can mutually, authentically and transparently challenge one another. She loves helping people challenge the default way of living and … Read more.

Ep 009 Kendra Cumberland on Social Media Advertising

Kendra Cumberland is from North Carolina and an expert in the area of Advertising on Social Media. In this episode we talk about the different small businesses that can benefit from Social Media Advertising and some of the most effective approaches. We talk about advertising funnels, eCommerce vs. Brick & Mortar businesses, and how to … Read more.

Ep 008 Karen Q. Pisciotta on Getting Started with Marketing

Karen Pisciotta helps people grow their businesses by working smarter. She spent the first ten years of my career in financial services and investor relations. After taking time to nurture her family, she decided to change tack. In today’s economy, small and mid-sized businesses need to function in as sophisticated and professional a manner as … Read more.