PRESS RELEASE: Free Business Coaching for Pine City, MN Small Businesses

Pine City joins Cambridge in making a bold statement in support of their small businesses, providing funding for free business coaching and resources to create & enhance their online presence in advance of the holiday shopping season. PRESS RELEASEPine City, MinnesotaSeptember 24, 2020 During its regular meeting on September 24, the City Council of Pine … Read more.

Community Building #2: What is “Community”

In my first article I shared about my whipsaw, zig-zag, seemingly random life and career that led me to the realization that the common thread of my existence was building communities. Today I dig into what I mean when I refer to “Community.” Let me start by describing what I do not mean. I am … Read more.

Community Building #1: My Whipsaw Journey as a Community Builder

My life-long pattern of chasing the shiny new toy has frustrated me… and my family. I have a long track record of seemingly unpredictable decisions, starting the next project before the last is anywhere near completion.  And these transitions have been far from smooth; they were not like a gymnast becoming a dancer or an … Read more.

Ep 013: Sean Rosensteel on Work-Life Balance

Sean Rosensteel is a personal coach and author from Dallas, Texas who has some great perspectives on work/life balance and what that means for the small, small business owner. He leverages his life experiences to give insights for how we can improve our perspectives on our life and in our business. He also makes a … Read more.

PRESS RELEASE: Free Business Coaching for Cambridge, MN Small Businesses

PRESS RELEASECambridge, MinnesotaSeptember 8, 2020 During its regular meeting on September 8, the Cambridge City Council approved a proposal to fund short-term business coaching for up to 20 small business owners. The funding is a direct response to the struggles resulting from COVID, recognizing that small businesses need more than financial support that allows them … Read more.

Ep 012: Lynn Strang on the Benefits of Public Speaking

Lynn Strang shares about the importance of public speaking for everyone, including small business owners. The greater we improve our ability to connect with an audience and communicate effectively, the more opportunities are created for us. Full Audio Watch the Video Highlights … Read more.