Top 6 Record-Keeping Mistakes

Written by: Alex Bulmer As a business owner, you have hundreds of things on your mind day after day. For a lot of us, bookkeeping is one of the last things that we want to deal with anything. I want to go over the top 6 things that you may be missing record keeping. Receipts … Read more.

Ep 023: Mark Praschan on Why Everyone Needs a Website

Mark is website developer and owner of WebsiteAMP, a company that has built three websites for SSB host Steve Fredlund and comes with Steve’s highest recommendations. On this episode Mark shares not only technical wisdom, but insights and strategies to help small businesses grow their online presence and, ultimately, increase their bottom line. Connect with … Read more.

The Hero’s Journey of the Entrepreneur

Written by: Sayre Darling If you are having some sleepless nights, experiencing dark nights of the soul, and are still leaning into the possibility that the only way forward…that interests you at all…is to start your own business – CONGRATULATIONS!  I know from experience what it takes to overcome your Fears, Uncertainties and Doubts (FUD), … Read more.

Ep 022: Sayre Darling on Finding the Entrepreneur in You

Sayre is a master marketing and communication strategist who is committed to helping people clarify their business vision and goals and then execute and communicate in full alignment. She has worked tirelessly to help entrepreneurs be true to themselves and grow their businesses. You can find her on LinkedIn at Listen Now! The SSB … Read more.

Why Everyone Needs a Website

Written by:  Mark Praschan We live in a digital world. More than ever, social interactions and business transactions are happening online. If you and your business don’t have a website, you’re missing out First, what is a website? Webster’s dictionary defines a website as…. (just kidding!) The term “website” can actually refer to a lot … Read more.

Good Leaders: Nature or Nurture

Written by: Stev Stegner For your company to grow, the leaders and managers need to grow.  Many people can develop into good leaders as long as their surroundings encourage leadership.  Some people believe that leadership comes easier to intelligent people, this is not the case.  Good leaders need to be able to have an above … Read more.

A Small Small Business that Creates Jobs

Written by: Brandon Turner Did you know that as an owner, you have the unique ability to create jobs for other people? That’s heavy. That’s powerful. In our heads, we may think “We need to hire help,” or “It’s time to bring on a new team member,” but having the tools and resources to help … Read more.

The Purpose of a Website

Written by: Bob Shurtleff Blog Post – The Purpose of a Small Business Website – To Sell ( A small business website is built to sell value What Value Are You Selling For a website to fulfill its purpose of selling the businesses value, it must be found, aid in building the brand, and establish … Read more.