How Much Does A Website Cost?

Written by:  Mark Praschan Businesses of all sizes can reap huge benefits from a well-made website, but it can be difficult to know how to budget for one. It can be especially difficult for small business owners that don’t have a lot of experience with website technology. Rather than just throwing out a number or … Read more.

Crash Course Diet

Written by: Jay Rasmussen I just lost 35lbs in one month, using a highly structured and simplified plan, that I had witnessed my brother have tremendous results with 2 years ago. It’s basically a combination of all good and terrible diets you’ve ever heard of, all at once, including supplements. I had my first personal … Read more.

How Podcasts Can Help Your Business

Written by: Brandon Turner So what exactly is a Podcast? The word Podcast gets thrown around a lot these days but what exactly is a Podcast? Think of a podcast as a radio show that you can subscribe to or download at any time. It may help to think of it kind of like TIVO … Read more.

The Real Definition of a Referral

Written by: Stacey Randall Most of us think we know what a referral is since referrals have been around forever as the holy grail of how to grow your business in the easiest way possible. But most don’t understand what makes a referral a referral which leads to lower closing ratios, mislabeled leads, and incorrect … Read more.

DIY vs. Outsourcing Tasks: Tips for Small Business Owners

Written by: Katie Conroy Small business owners tend to spread themselves and their staff members pretty thin at times. You might be a jack-of-all-trades to some extent and expect your team to wear a lot of hats, and there is nothing wrong with that. Sometimes tasks are beyond your expertise, and sometimes they can easily … Read more.

Ep 038: Meet Kelly Nelson from Tusen Tack and the Braham Events Center

Kelly Nelson is the Director of the Braham Events Center, a non-profit serving East Central MN with five service programs: Alice Studt Library, Braham Area Food Shelf, Braham Event Center, Kathy’s Kitchen, Tusen Tack Thrift Store. Find out more at or The Braham Event Center is a member of several Community Partners of … Read more.