What Is Employee Turnover And Why You Should Care

Written by: Amor Traceski   When people leave their place of employment, the reasons are either voluntary or involuntary.  Whether employees resign or are terminated for cause, many employers, unwisely, view the departing employees as those who can just be replaced.  They figure they’ll just hire another.  This seemingly nonchalant attitude is detrimental for your … Read more.

How To Create Your Own Highly Effective Mastermind Group

Written by: Brandon Turner A Little Help From Your Friends When you’re by yourself, you’re limited by your own knowledge and experience. When things get tough, it’s easy to get discouraged and want to give up. However, when you’re surrounded by others, many of these challenges are made much easier or disappear altogether.  You can … Read more.

The Best Article You’ll Read on Cash Flow

Written by: Roger Scherping https://projectionsmart.com/posts/90 I spent a couple of hours reading quite a few articles on the Internet about cash flow. There were titles like, “How to Manage Cash Flow,” “Cash Management Tips to Grow Your Business,” and “What is Cash Flow and How Do I Manage It?” I thought I’d save you the … Read more.

How to Start Your Own Nonprofit Organization

Written by: Julie Morris Starting a nonprofit organization is a noble cause. Whether you want to launch a charitable organization, a social advocacy group, or a private foundation, 501(c) status can help you achieve your goals. However, organizing a nonprofit corporation is a lot to manage when you’re a Small Small Business. That’s why we’ve … Read more.

How to Create Headlines and Titles That Get Good Results

Written by: Lynne Strang For small, small business owners, headlines and titles matter. Maybe more than you think. The effectiveness of an advertisement, blog story or social media post comes down to the headline. If it grabs attention, people are more likely to keep reading. If it doesn’t, they won’t. They have too many distractions … Read more.