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Steve’s Wake-Up Call

Greetings everyone, I’m Steve Fredlund, the founder of the SSB Community. After 30 years working in Fortune 500 companies, I launched out on my own at the end of 2018.

The plan was to do coaching, consulting, speaking, facilitating, podcasting, or anything else I might possibly get paid to do.

My commute has certainly improved! Rather than an hour each way to Minneapolis, I hang out in my rural Minnesota home surrounded by birds, deer, and a few bears.

While I am enjoying the freedom and opportunity to truly be creative, I have a new appreciation for what it takes to be a small business owner. It was grueling and exhausting, trying to balance getting new clients, serving the current ones, and invoicing the old ones.

Running a small, small business can be chaotic and overwhelming. It can also be lonely being surrounded by people who don’t understand your complexity and stress.

So you reach out for help, only to find so much of the information and training to not really apply to the size of your business and what you are trying to do.

Steve Fredlund, MBA
Founder and Coach, SSB Community

Enter the SSB

The Small Small Business (SSB) Community is a place for you to connect with other owners & leaders who understand your situation and can give you practical insights to overcome obstacles to your growth. The SSB Community is also a place to connect with committed business coaches and expert specialists who can help you specifically develop strategies or execute effectively to accelerate you toward your vision for business and life.

Why it Matters

The health of our communities depends on the health of our small businesses; which is deeply troubling as we realize 70% of small businesses fail in the first 10 years. This is unacceptable. If we want our communities to be healthy, we need our small business owners to survive and thrive… we need you to survive and thrive.

Our Three Promises

No community is perfect. But we make you three promises:

  • We will strive to get you access to content curated specifically for you, the small, small business owner
  • We will work hard to connect you with other owners, experts, and coaches from around the world to find you those relationships that can transform your business and life
  • We will remain personal and accessible, allowing you to talk to humans if you have a question or concern.

Don’t believe me? Shoot me an email – – even if it’s just a test 🙂

We get it… and we are here for you