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Meet the Coaches

Steve Fredlund, MBA, FSA, SWP
North Branch, Minnesota

Although a life-long resident of rural Minnesota, I spent 30 years bringing clarity and innovative solutions to large corporations (Allianz, Medtronic, Thrivent, 3M) in functions such as actuarial, capital markets hedging, and workforce analytics. I have earned an MBA, a degree in mathematics, fellowship with the Society of Actuaries (FSA), and certification in Strategic Workforce Planning (SWP). I have an overlapping 20 years of nonprofit leadership experience including service on six boards and 11 years as volunteer Executive Director doing humanitarian work in Rwanda. I have spent the past two years focused on helping owners of small businesses optimize their results by guiding them toward the clear vision, aligned strategies, and effective execution.

Phone: +1 651 587 5435
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Stev Stegner, MBA
Forest Lake, Minnesota

I ran a small business for over 30 years, during that time I expanded to three locations and ultimately sold the business in 2019. I have extensive experience in marketing, time management for owners, maximizing profits, and getting your business ready to sell. The most important lesson I learned in the first 15 years of business was how to reduce my work hours from 45 to 20 hours per week while increasing sales.

My business coach changed my life. The one thing that matters is that you find success in this journey we call life. Success is always defined by you. Along our journey, I will keep you focused and grounded as your business evolves and grows.

Phone: +1 651 503 1337

Emily Dickinson MA
Perth, Australia

I have lived, worked, and studied in the UK, USA, and Australia, where I advocate for people’s best life. I have a Bachelor’s degree and two Master’s degrees from Australia and the USA that focus on leadership, unlocking potential, and journeying with people from all walks of life. In short, I work with individuals and organizations at all stages to coach them towards reaching new heights in their personal and professional lives. I do this through coaching for individuals, companies, and organizations who want to go beyond their current state. I allow people to become more aware of their own strengths and develop strategies and plans to achieve the main objective.

Phone: +61 426 264 479

Jay Rasmussen, MBA
St. Paul, Minnesota

I explain things well. Plain and Simple.

Just like you, I got a chance to play all the positions so far in my career, from pushing corporate programs across North America to running my own Multi-State Facility/Operation. I failed and succeeded as much as the next guy.

My differentiator is real world application of theories, concepts, and best practices. I have entertained myself by trying to implement everything I have read or learned.

Some worked. Some didn’t. The result of all this trial and error is a drawer full of simple recipes that I share with teams to help them win.

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Joni Navarro Sucato
Phoenix, Arizona

I currently serve as the CEO Feed Our Babies USA which I founded to help 10 school families. Now, 11 years later, we are helping more 12,000 school families considered the working poor. I am able to leverage the power of relationships between the school districts and our Community Partners.

I am also a professional speaker, coach and consultant to small businesses and nonprofits, podcast partner “Joni and Susie: The Doers” and a partner in a production company helping small businesses and nonprofits showcase their stories on film.

Phone: +1 480 352 2370