10 Things to Becoming a Better Romantic Partner, Friend and Co-Worker

Written by: Stev Stegner

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Have you ever wanted a better relationship and did not know where to start?  The following tips will bring your relationships to the next level.  Amazingly, these action items require no talent, just a commitment from you to be engaged.   When a relationship is new, it is exciting!  That new relationship can be starting a new job, going out with a new date or a new found friendship.    You can rekindle those feelings of excitement and enthusiasm by simply adapting these 10 habits.  Your new found passion will be contagious and your relationships will flourish, people will be gravitated to you and want to be in your presence. 

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Traditionally, many of us have fallen into the rut of life, we do the same things day after day waiting for some distant time when things will be ideal.  For some people, it is retirement, “when I retire, I will do….”  For others, it is when “I start my new career”….and so on.  The unspoken truth is that the beauty of life is in the journey.  Create the life you want to live now, rather wait until some far away time in the future to live your ideal life.  My 10 tips will set your life on a new path, make you happier, more connected with people and create more fulfilling relationships with your family.

About the author:

Stev Stegner, MBA

I ran a small business for over 30 years, during that time I expanded to three locations and ultimately sold the business in 2019. I have extensive experience in marketing, time management for owners, maximizing profits, and getting your business ready to sell. The most important lesson I learned in the first 15 years of business was how to reduce my work hours from 45 to 20 hours per week while increasing sales.

My business coach changed my life. The one thing that matters is that you find success in this journey we call life. Success is always defined by you. Along our journey, I will keep you focused and grounded as your business evolves and grows.

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