4 Easy Ways to Help Clients Find You with Website Content

Written by: Gloria Russell

You may be serving your clients in person or online—or both. You’re doing a great job and want even more customers in 2021. Because your existing and future clients have a lot on their plates these days, you want to help them find you and your business information quickly and easily.

As I started to write this blog, I was reminded of the business I tried to reach by phone for 2½ days with no luck. I knew the phone number, but all I received was a recording that said the voicemail was full. I had a simple but important-to-me question and not much time. Admittedly, it was frustrating.

They had a website, but it gave no other phone number, no email and no way to contact anyone. I later learned that their phone service had been interrupted. Yes, I felt sad for them, but as a customer, it wasn’t any picnic for me either. I can imagine that they lost some business, and that’s never a good thing.

We don’t always have control over all events but following the tips in this blog will help you and your customers write a better story than the sorry-the-voicemail-is-full saga.

Here are 4 ways to avoid losing business by creating intentional content on your website and social platforms.

1.  Post your phone number.

I hear loud and clear that people are not impressed when they can’t find a phone number. They want to call you with a question about your products or services. We should make it easy for them to reach us. You can include your phone number on your business card, website, Contact page, social profiles and even promo gifts. If the phone won’t be answered at all times, record a wonderful greeting that will let the caller know when to reach you or an alternate way of doing business in the meantime.

2.  Provide an email address or a Contact form.

Your website can include a Contact page for those who want to leave their information and best time for you to call them. When you receive a request for contact, be sure you get back to them promptly. You can also post an email address if that’s a good option for you and your clients. And you can post a phone number that is set up to receive (and answer) text messages. Choices are a good thing!

3. Install a calendar scheduler on your website.

There are many software options to choose from for your website or landing page. Curious viewers can look at your calendar and schedule a convenient time for a call, meeting or appointment. It’s an efficient system and doesn’t take much time to set up or manage. You can compare software choices and find one (free or paid) that will be a good fit for you and your customers. Receiving an email notice that you have a new calendar event is a joyful moment!

4.  Create website content that accommodates searches.

When you ask someone how they found your website, you might get a variety of answers. They may have seen your website address/URL on your business card or your email signature. A friend might have given it to them as a referral and recommendation to find out more about your services. Or you might have entered your contact information in the Chat box during a networking event.

When potential clients don’t yet know your company or your website, they might find you by searching on Google or another search engine. We have all become pros at looking for information, products, services and reviews online. We would hope that when someone is looking for your services or products, they will find your website when searching with their quick words or phrases.

Sometimes it seems like magic, but Google works hard to help online searchers find what they want. As business owners, we also need to do the work to help Google recognize that we have what the online visitors want and need. Once the search engines identify you as a probable match to what someone is looking for, your information will display and lead them to your website and contact information.By example, if you would search for mpls content writer, my company and website info would be displayed below the ads. The reason for this is that Google understands by the content on the website that my company serves as a Minneapolis content writer. Your company can be displayed for keywords that apply to your business and what people will search to find those services or products.

smartphone showing Google site

By creating content that clearly states who you are and how you serve, you’ll be setting the stage for attracting future customers. An FAQ page is also a helpful way to share typical questions and answers for web viewers.

Your content can take many forms. It can be web page content, bios, stories, blogs, case studies, white paper presentations, infographics, photos, videos, etc. It can also be information on your LinkedIn profiles and other social media platforms. The key is to make your messaging relevant for your ideal clients.

Make life easy for those clients you love.

I believe that we all appreciate it when a company makes it easy for us to find them and do business with them. In our own businesses, we can accommodate that by creating content that speaks to our fans and our future followers. You are meant to serve them. Let them know who you are, how to reach you and then…make it a delightful experience.

If you enjoyed this blog, please share it with a friend who might also benefit—and feel free to reach out if you’d like to chat about more ways to create engaging online content. We’d love to hear about your business and your plans to grow in 2021.

About the author:

Gloria Russell

Gloria Russell is the founder and lead copywriter at Russell Resources, a Minnesota-based company helping small businesses achieve extraordinary success by creating exceptional website content that sends the right message to the right audience. You can find her website at https://writer.mn and, if interested in a phone chat or Zoom call, you can book a 25min get-acquainted call from the website’s scheduler.
Gloria Russell
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  1. This blog is highly relatable! Just a few days back I was discussing with my colleagues why it is absolutely necessary to Post your phone number on your website, it is essential that you are easily reachable, because not everybody has got the patience for a mail response. Thanks, Steve, it was a good read!

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