Balancing Work and Personal

Written by: Jay Rasmussen

As always, let’s start by prioritizing. We need to focus and prioritize our time and energy in the following order.

  1. God
  2. Self
  3. Spouse
  4. Children
  5. Other loved ones
  6. Work

I believe in this order of importance, but it is so darn confusing, because work is last, but takes 40+ hours /week of our life. What the heck?

Oh well. I didn’t design this thing. My job is to help us navigate it.

Let’s start from the top and do this like a recipe. First the ingredients, and then the cooking instructions.

  • God
    • Church on Sunday
    • Scripture and Prayer 5X/Day
  • Self
    • Exercise 20 min Daily
    • Meditate 10 min daily
  • Spouse
    • Weekly 1:1
    • Cards, gifts, special events
  • Children
    • Weekly 1:1
    • Cards, gifts, special events
  • Other loved ones
    • Cards, gifts, special events
  • Work
    • 8-5 M-F
    • 15 45-Minute Jam Sessions / Week

Monday through Friday

4:00Wake Up
7:00Family Breakfast
8:00Jam Session 1
9:00Jam Session 2
10:00Jam Session 3
11:00Jam Session 4
1:00Jam Session 5
2:00Meeting 1
3:00Meeting 2
4:00Meeting 3
4:30Plan Next Day
6:00Family Dinner
7:00Family Activity
9:00Friday Movie Night


7:00Wake Up
8:00Jam Session 1
9:00Jam Session 2
10:00Family Breakfast
11:00Jam Session 3
1:00Family Fun Event
6:00Family Dinner
7:00Family Activity


8:00Wake Up
9:00Family Breakfast
12:00Football / Bills / Laundry
6:00Family Dinner
7:00Walk Dog

Cooking Instructions

  • Begin every step with scripture and prayer
  • Jam Session 1 is daily plan / routine
  • Jam Session 2 is Create Plans/Content
  • Jam Session 3 is for top 6 list
  • Work on Work during jam sessions M-F
  • Meditation & Personal Tasks during breaks/lunch M-F

About the author:

Jay Rasmussen, MBA

About the author:

I am a “Dirty Laundry Expert” and currently the Vice President of Sales for Balfurd Linen and Uniform Service.

I am a writer and speaker focused on the fundamentals of business execution.

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