Growing A General Contractor Business: Best Apps And Software

Written by: Katie Conroy

Contractors of all stripes need to stay organized when working on a project. But general contractor businesses are multifaceted processes, with many deliverables constantly on the go. There’s only so far writing out budget sheets and storing paper documents will get you. As we move into an increasingly technological age, embracing apps and software to help complete the job will be critical. Following are the best kinds of tech general contractor businesses can use for growth and success.

Time Tracking Apps

Time management is a critical skill every entrepreneur must master, Business Student reports. In construction businesses, this is particularly relevant because time is money. Time tracking apps can help you make the most of your employee’s capital, which can help you stick to project timelines and maximize billable hours. A good time tracking app will let you review and approve and track time for various jobs. You should also be able to input information on overtime and time off rules and keep records so that you’re fully organized for years to come. 

Floor Plan Softwares

An essential part of the general contracting business is utilizing floor plans made by architects and designers. The entire documentation package typically consists of floor plans in 2D or 3D, field reports, site plans, estimates, and blueprints. Having a digital version of these documents in one place can be incredibly helpful, as you can access them anytime and make markups and edits when you please. This is also helpful in ensuring the accuracy of the project process and providing proof of the project

Roof Estimating Software

The roofing business is booming, so it will be no surprise if you have to do a lot of roofing estimates in your industry. However, estimating roofs accurately can be tricky, as many variables are involved in the calculation. Make use of roof estimating software for your calculation needs, as this can help you quickly calculate complex measurements and roof areas. You will also be able to use local cost data to estimate job material and labor costs and create and save templates for effectively speeding up future estimates.  

Project Management Apps

Behind every project’s success lies effective project management, Forbes writes. Project management is arguably one of the most critical aspects of general construction. It helps improve coordination, collaboration, and communication. You will be able to track the progress of each project, share data files and photos and manage RFIs, issues, and change orders. When looking for a project management app for your needs, look for one that increases productivity through critical features such as centralizing minute meetings or reducing redundant tasks. This will keep your team optimized and cut down on any confusion. 

Visual Data Softwares

Visual data such as site pictures, videos, and information are vital to completing a project successfully. There are apps that provide accurate information about your job site through the interior and exterior visual data. This could be anything from 360-degree walkthroughs to surveying and safety inspections. Be sure to find software that offers you access to such features, as this can help ensure safety and monitor progress. Visual data can also help you gain clarity of a site until you have the necessary permits to access it. 

Project Bidding Apps

Prior to bidding, contractors typically look for bids from subcontractors to get an accurate bid profile for various projects. This can lead to many bids in the mix with varying degrees of completeness or in varying degrees of negotiation. A great project bidding app can simplify the process of receiving offers, as you will have an invitation and share functionality, which in turn boosts efficiency. You will also be able to view prequalification features and select the most qualified subcontractors, which will make your job easier and quicker. 

Safety App

The last app we recommend for general construction is a safety app. There are thousands of construction-related injuries and deaths yearly, so being prudent about job safety is paramount in this business. Use an app that helps you create personalized safety checklists, share safety notes, and remain compliant throughout the process. 

From financial accounting to operational modules, there are apps and software out there that can help you do it all. While embracing new tech can be a daunting prospect, it can also be gratifying as you will be able to better manage the start to the end of every construction job. Thus, embrace the wonders of tech as soon as possible – your business will be better off because of it! 
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