How To Start A New Business And Adopt A New Pet At The Same Time

Written by: Julie Morris

Right now you might be wondering if you’ve gone a bit crazy. You’re trying to start up a new business and adopt a new pet at the same time, and you may be thinking that you’ve lost your mind. Don’t panic! You can handle both of these changes well if you get organized and apply some of the following tips and tricks, courtesy of Small Small Business.

Set Up Your Business

First, you’ll want to concentrate on setting up your business to get it off to an excellent start. To keep you on track, write up a business plan. Start with a brief description of your company and its purpose, then include sections about your business structure, products or services, marketing strategies, funding sources, and budget. 

Find the Right Pet

Now it’s time to think about adopting your pet. Above all, you must choose the right pet for your situation. If you live in a small space, for example, a large dog probably isn’t a good option. Think about factors such as expense, level of upkeep, time constraints, and space. Depending on your situation, you might choose to adopt a dog, cat, hamster, or even a bird. Keep your options open to find exactly the right pet.

Develop a Routine

When your business is up and running, and your new pet has come home, you’ll need to develop a routine to stay organized and efficient. Keep a planner, and schedule your time. Leave plenty of room to spend time with your new pet so that it can get used to its new environment and to you. Try to start work at a particular time each day, take regular breaks, and end at a reasonable hour. Your pet will get used to your routine if you’re consistent, and you can keep its bed or cage near your desk for extra comfort.

Use Smart Products

You can smooth your transition by using some smart products for your new pet, too. If you have a cat, for instance, get a self-cleaning litter box that requires less attention. Give your dog an interactive toy. Most pets can benefit from an automatic feeder that dispenses food on a schedule or a pet cam that lets you keep an eye on your animal even when you’re away from home. 

With all the different products out there, though, be careful that you’re only investing in quality items. Always do your best to read credible, detailed reviews and pet care advice from trustworthy sites before you buy.

Get Some Help

Finally, know where to turn to get some help with your new pet. Your veterinarian should be at the top of the list, so establish a relationship with one right after you bring your pet home, and ask plenty of questions. If you have a dog, you might enroll it in obedience classes or work with a dog trainer to teach your pet how to behave. Rely on friends with pets, too, for advice and reassurance.

Enjoy Your Business and Your Pet

If you follow some of these tips and tricks, you can smooth out your experience of starting a new business and adopting a pet at the same time. Just stay calm, and enjoy both. 

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