Recipe for Success

Written by: Jay Rasmussen

You must have a recipe for success. Here is mine.

  1. Written Bible Study
  2. Written Workout Routine
  3. Written Personal Development Plan
  4. Written Goals
  5. Written Routine

I do not execute this program flawlessly, which is how I know that it works. Because when I do execute this program, I win. Every time. And when I do NOT execute this program, I find myself out of control.

The whole “written” thing is a way of dumbing things down for myself, in order to get down to what really matters and is important. Even though this looks very simple, and it IS, this is also the more varsity version of the program that you need to start with, which is:

  1. Go to Church
  2. Go to Gym
  3. Personal Development
  4. Written Goals
  5. Written Routine

The 2020 COVID19 “Global Pandemic” actually helped me update the language to “written” for all 5 categories, since, in Minnesota, we could not go to church or  the gym for stretches of time. 

Our friends invited my wife and I to a Tuesday night Bible Study, for which we received a workbook. I now use this workbook to start every day, which is an absolutely fantastic way to study the bible, and something I plan to do some version of until I die.

Because of gym restrictions, I have been doing jumping jacks, chin-ups, push-ups, sit-ups, and air squats, which I track in a note on my phone called “5/Day Plan”. This is a concept my friend taught me, which is simply adding one set of 5 reps to this entire rotation each day, until you reach 500 reps… or the gym opens.Personal Development means a lot of things, but the main thing it means is that if you don’t know what it is, then you are not doing it. And if you do know what it is, then we will see if we can take your current program to another level. If you are interested in taking an action step toward this today, sign up for Darrendaily to receive a 5 minute video every week day that will help you improve your life. If you are not willing to do this, by the way, just stop reading.

Written goals are self explanatory. Right now my Big 3 Goals are:

  1. Love my Family
  2. Publish Book
  3. Pay off Minivan

Here is my written routine as of today.

5:00 Wake Up
5:15 Jam Session 1
6:00 Workout / Shower
6:45 Jam Session 2
7:30 Breakfast / Kids to School
8:00 Vitamins
8:15Jam Session 3
9:00Break / Snack
9:15 Jam Session 4
10:00Break / Snack
10:15Jam Session 5
12:00Bonus Jam Session
1:00Appointments / Meetings
5:00Pick up Kids
5:30Hooked on Phonics
6:15Family Dinner
7:00Play Guitar

Next up we will break this down into bite size pieces.

About the author:

Jay Rasmussen, MBA

I am a “Dirty Laundry Expert” and currently the Vice President of Sales for Balfurd Linen and Uniform Service.

I am a writer and speaker focused on the fundamentals of business execution.

One comment

  1. Jay, neat post, love the transparency, helps to see an actual daily plan. I forget what these “jam sessions” are called by other authors, but I really think I may change my schedule to add a jam session before shower…. seems more productive than

    1. 6am Alarm
    2. Snooze 15
    3. Snooze 15
    4. Pick a reason to not do first work jam session……


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