5 Ways to Successfully Grow Your Online Business with Focused Website Content

Written by: Gloria Russell

If you’re like most small business owners in 2020, your business has been affected by the economic repercussions of the pandemic. We want to see you rise above it and thrive with strategic copywriting for an even more effective digital impact and revenue rebalance.

We remember that in Oz, Dorothy encountered a lot of unknowns including some scary characters and some unusual situations. Lately, we’ve experienced a series of events that didn’t include flying monkeys or wicked witches but hit our businesses and our everyday routines like a cyclone. As much as Dorothy wanted to leave Oz and get back to what she knew, we also want to get our feet back on solid ground and enjoy less stressful times.

Working from home and making workplace changes to follow safety protocols have become a way of life—at least for a while—or perhaps setting a basis for a new normal. More consumers than ever are connecting online and doing business on their laptops or phones. Business owners have made intentional shifts to accommodate the changing needs of their clients. 

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Here are 5 ways that elevating your digital presence with client-focused written content will benefit your business and allow you to serve your customers with excellence and engagement.

  1. When doors are closed, your business is still open. 

With occasional and unpredictable shutdowns during the pandemic, it’s ever so important to remain open for business—which means doing business online. Consumers have become more and more savvy when it comes to researching, reviewing and purchasing online. It saves time and energy. Yes, it’s a beautiful day when we can do business in person over coffee or visit a store to see our favorite salesperson and products. But when there isn’t time or there are safety restrictions in place, online conversations, shopping and transactions can be efficient and enjoyable. For some, online transactions have become their preferred method, and they have high expectations for outstanding digital content. 

  1. Your website content works tirelessly for you (24/7).

With excellent marketing content on your website, you are reaching clients and future customers 24/7. We marvel at the fact that your landing page or website is working diligently on your behalf every day—all day. And with effective marketing copy, you are introducing your business to curious online shoppers and decisive buyers at all hours, day or night. Imagine a sales rep that could work for you every day of the year, sending perfect messages about your products and services at precisely the time your interested customer chooses! When the content is designed in advance with your ideal clients in mind, the message is clear and correct, every time.

  1. We’re not in Kansas anymore—unless that’s your preference, you can expand your reach.

The marketing messages on your website can reach your ideal clients as far as your marketplace extends. Local is great if that’s your market. You might be serving one city, state or region, and that’s perfect if it’s your chosen niche. If you’d like your reach to be national or global, you 

can think and play as big as you’d like in your online written content. You get to choose your reach, and your audience will choose you when your copywriting speaks directly to them with solutions and offers that are enticing. With the benefits of technology, it’s as easy to communicate with someone across time zones as it is to reach out to someone in your own neighborhood. 

  1. With SEO-robust content, Google can be your referral partner.

This is all about SEO (search engine optimization) in a nutshell. We’ve largely become dependent on today’s technology and search engines such as Google to help us find information, products and services. We don’t necessarily need to understand how it all works any more than we need to know how electricity works. As long as we learn the basics of how to flip a switch or conduct an online search with a question or critical words, we’ve got magic at our fingertips. Effective copywriting includes the keywords that a consumer might use to search for your services. Done right, and over time, those keywords and phrases can be a signal to Google that someone is searching for you. Naturally, when Google suggests your business as an answer to someone’s search, it’s a win for you. 

  1. Build lasting customer relationships and online business by being visible, valuable and viable.

Your website content, when created expertly, will keep your customers in the know with updates of your latest services, products or news. With your engaging copy, you can share your special promotions, signature services and seasonal products. Clients will gravitate toward your solutions when they feel understood and know that you are offering what they want and need. It’s also the perfect place to communicate your COVID-19 protocol. If you are open for in-person business, you can reassure clients that you are concerned for everyone’s safety and taking appropriate measures. If you are not able to accept in-person traffic, you can keep them close and interested with information they can use and offers they can’t refuse.

Revenue loss is not a goal for any business owner. We can do better. With more people turning to digital options for their research and purchases, we want to be there for them. Let’s make it easy for them to do business with us. Client-focused content will appeal to your followers, and you’ll be providing helpful information, updates on products and services, easy options for buying, and ways to connect with you. 

Like Dorothy with her midwestern determination even in Oz, we can keep moving in the right direction—for the benefit of our clients and our businesses—with or without ruby red slippers. Evaluate your website’s written content, and you will likely find ways to engage your clients more fully. 

You can do it with heart, brains and courage—which are all powerfully within you—and you can always reach out for help (as Dorothy did) when you need it. If you have enjoyed this blog, please share it with other business owners who might benefit as well. Thank you!

About the author:

Gloria Russell

Gloria Russell is the founder and lead copywriter at Russell Resources, a Minnesota-based company helping small businesses achieve extraordinary success by creating exceptional website content that sends the right message to the right audience. You can find her website at https://writer.mn and, if interested in a phone chat or Zoom call, you can book a 25min get-acquainted call from the website’s scheduler.
Gloria Russell
Russell Resources LLC

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