Why a Facebook page is not enough of an “online presence” for your business

Written by: Bob Shurtleff

Facebook should not replace a website as the face of your business (bobthewebsitebuilder.net)


There are several reasons a “real” business should have a “real” website as part of their “real” online presence and not rely solely on social media as the online “face” of their business – pun intended.

  • 1 – First and foremost, Facebook’s algorithm controls the visibility of your content while on Facebook, which filters down to search engine search results. Google has a larger reach in terms of search results.
  • 2 – Second, A website gives you more control of not only the content but of the visual appeal to match “you”. This includes optimization and SEO. Why allow this type of negative user experience?
  • 3 – Third, a Facebook business page is the perfect COMPLIMENT to a website. Social media is used to drive traffic back to a website. Why limit yourself to just 1 marketing opportunity?
  • Last – There is also something to be said for the fact that Facebook (or other social media marketing platforms) are independently owned and operated under their own rules. Social media was never meant to “replace” a website.  

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