A Small Small Business that Creates Jobs

Written by: Brandon Turner

Did you know that as an owner, you have the unique ability to create jobs for other people?

That’s heavy. That’s powerful. In our heads, we may think “We need to hire help,” or “It’s time to bring on a new team member,” but having the tools and resources to help others earn a living is quite a responsibility. This is especially true when all you may have set out to do was get your time back by taking extra things off of your plate. Could it be, however, that building a scalable business that you could exit if you wanted to is about more than just freedom? Could it be that part of a small small business’s impact is its ability to employ people? Let’s examine the reality.

Today’s economy is not our parent’s economy. It is certainly not our grandparent’s economy. There are college degree programs teaching skills that are obsolete in today’s marketplace or will become obsolete in the next 10 years. There are scores of underemployed or unemployed professionals. There are those slaving away in their full-time jobs who may live paycheck-to-paycheck but have no work-life balance. There are those who have to take on multiple jobs or hop around odd jobs to make ends meet. And then, there are small business owners and entrepreneurs. We were the ones facing these same realities and decided – via one catalyst or another – to genuinely take matters into our own hands. We are a breed of human being who regardless of race, class, IQ level, or background, decided we have no choice but to succeed. Sometimes the coolest part of your success – or journey toward it – is bringing others along for the ride!

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The new currency is skills. This is especially true in a world where knowledge is no longer power, but applied knowledge is. You may know someone who has lost their job. Though they may also have decided to get up and dust themselves off. If this is true, then there are a few opportunities available for those who use freely available tools like the public library or the Internet to develop the requisite skill sets. Such opportunities include managing someone else’s email, onboarding someone’s clients, handling someone’s customer service, writing someone’s blog posts, filming someone’s event, organizing someone’s event, doing someone’s bookkeeping, being someone’s Geek Squad, doing someone’s marketing, performing someone’s data entry, managing someone’s calendar, making someone’s sales, finding someone’s talent, building someone’s software, being someone’s voice talent, etc.

Is that someone your next team member?

About the author:

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Brandon Turner

I am a Georgia-born, Oklahoma-based entrepreneur with an IT background. In 2017, I started Procedure Sheets: an online business offering a virtual service to other businesses. We help people delegate, automate, and outsource what they do while keeping their team on the same page and tracking what happens in their business. Businesses we have and continue to serve include schools, bookkeepers, property management companies, flooring contractors, non-profits, real estate brokerages, a digital marketing agency, and a construction company.

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