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Where do you go to find a trusted service-based provider?

Are You Online or Just Networking

If someone gives you a referral, make your sales pitch easier to sell by giving them something to find first – compelling website content.

If you were to need a local trades person for your home or office, where would you go? What about other personal services? Other than asking those you know directly (friends / family / coworkers etc.), there are various opinions when it comes to finding that trusted provider for the service that you need. 

They include a chamber of commerce, or perhaps a local FB group. In either case, most likely the person receiving the referral will want at least the website address of the company they are referred to, to do their due diligence and homework on the company before making a call to ask additional questions. This is if for no other reason other than to make sure the business is a legitimate one that will be around for a while as opposed to a fly-by-night/hear-today gone-tomorrow shell with poor customer service or business practices let alone poor quality products or services. 

But what if they don’t have a networking group (in person or online) to go do? Or in some cases they do get the referral but want to learn more about them they do a search on the internet right? If the person they are looking for is not on the internet, they move on to someone they can find. More importantly, they move on to the person who answers their call. As the service provider, put yourself in their shoes. 

A website helps give them something to find and answers their questions to make your sales pitch easier. 

Get a website and be found. 

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