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Written by: Bob Shurtleff

Blog Post – The Purpose of a Small Business Website – To Sell (

A small business website is built to sell value

What Value Are You Selling

For a website to fulfill its purpose of selling the businesses value, it must be found, aid in building the brand, and establish trust & authority.

Before we define the purpose of a small business website, let’s define what a website is: Essentially, it is a digital place on the internet to accomplish the goal of the business and its owner – to ultimately sell products or services, etc.  Let us go over this in a bit more detail…

Purpose #1 – To help the business that it represents make money:

Purpose #2 – To be found

Purpose #3 – To build a brand

Purpose #4 – To build trust & authority

Purpose #5 – Other – entertain, informational, educate etc.

Personally, without purpose #2 – can the other purposes really be fulfilled? It makes the perfect complimentary advertising opportunity to other options like social media, print (newspaper / snail mail) and of course TV / Radio. Most importantly, if you are using networking, a website address (as probably printed on the business card) gives them something to refer back to after the networking meeting. 

Get a website, be found and build trust.

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