Community Partners

SSB is proud to partner with these community organizations, providing training and membership to their members, staff, and board

Member of a Community Partner?

If you are a member, thank you for supporting such a forward-thinking group that has prioritized the success of the small businesses and nonprofits in its community.

Here is how to claim your membership:

  1. Click HERE to get to the Learn & Grow membership page of this site
  2. Click on “Add to Cart” which brings you to the Checkout Page
  3. In the top left area, click on the “Cart” link to add your code
  4. Enter the appropriate code (SEE BELOW) and click “Apply Coupon” — IMPORTANT: This will create a $0 cost and there is no need to enter any payment information. Sometimes mistakes are made and there appears to be a charge for the membership; I assure you that is not the case. Just shoot us an email if something seems incorrect.
  5. Click on “Proceed to Checkout” (no payment information needed)
  6. At Checkout add your name and email information, select that you have read the terms & agreements (once you have done so), and then click “Place my Order”

Community Partner Codes are available through that organization.

SSB Member? Get Started Right

Once you have your membership, here are a couple of great ways to get started:

  1. Log in and notice the new menu that appears on the left side
  2. Join us for a weekly webinar with Q&A or monthly roundtable
  3. Join our brand new Discord channel – easy access to the experts

In the mean time, reach out with any questions. Also, feel free to let other members know about this great member benefit.


Steve Fredlund, MBA, FSA
Founder, Small Small Business (SSB)