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Find an Expert from SSB Featured Members

These SSB members are experts in their fields and strong supporters of the SSB community. We encourage you to consider them for whatever you need for your business or leadership. If you want to be a Featured Member, check out the shop where you can add or update your membership.

Kendra Cumberland is a social media marketing and advertising manager who specializes in helping small businesses hone their social media advertising to reach their ideal audience and realize the best possible return on investment (ROI). Kendra works with small businesses such as e-commerce, brick and mortar stores, and online course developers and coaches. Kendra provides individualized services for each small business because no two businesses have the same needs and goals for the future. She can be reached at, +1 336 517 7083, or

Emily Dickinson is an experienced business coach from Perth, Australia who advocates for people’s best life. She works with individuals and organizations at all stages to coach them towards reaching new heights in their personal and professional lives. She allows people to become more aware of their own strengths and develop strategies and plans to achieve the main objective. Reach Emily at +61 426 264 479 or

Jay Rasmussen is a business coach from St. Paul, Minnesota who, plain & simply, explains things well. Jay thrives on real world applications of theories, concepts, and best practices. I have entertained myself by trying to implement everything I have read or learned. His experience as led to a ‘drawer full of simple recipes’ that he shares with teams to help them win. Connect with Jay at

Joni Sucato is the CEO Feed Our Babies USA which is helping more 12,000 school families considered the working poor. She is also a professional speaker, podcaster, coach and consultant to small businesses and nonprofits… while also being a partner in a production company helping small businesses and nonprofits showcase their stories on film. Joni is available at +1 480 352 2370 or

Stev Stegner ran a small business for over 30 years including several expansions and ultimately selling the business in 2019. Stev has extensive experience in marketing, time management, maximizing profits, and getting your business ready to sell. He gives great credit to his business coach for the impact on his business and life. Stev can keep you focused and grounded as your business evolves and grows. Reach Stev at +1 651 503 1337 or

Steve Fredlund is a business coach from North Branch, Minnesota who spent 30 years as an actuary, working in finance, investments, and workforce analytics. Now a small business owner himself, he understands the chaos and complexity. Steve is exceedingly capable of cutting through the confusion to get clarity on the source of struggle and the way forward. He can be reached at +1 651 587 5435,, or