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Welcome to SSB! Forums I Have a Question to Ask What all does everyone do? Reply To: What all does everyone do?

  • Jim Reid

    November 7, 2020 at 4:00 pm

    This is fun, thanks for posting @brandon.turner ! Also, @stev-stegner , both my parents were self-employed – there might be something to that!

    I grew up in Toronto and met my wife Bronwen in Halifax where I studied philosophy at the University of King’s College. Naturally, I used that education to start my own home-renovation company when I moved back to Toronto, and that led to running inspections, and from there a CAREER of telling people what they were doing wrong – across all industries and business types! Joking aside, I quickly transitioned to consulting and project-management services that I operated from home, helping people and businesses identify areas of improvement in a variety of ways.

    Many years later, I had the good fortune to meet @SteveFredlund and after I butted in with a few “helpful” suggestions he and I agreed to work together to see if we could make the most out of his lifelong efforts to help people like small business owners around the world. I’m so excited to see what we can do with the Small Small Business Community as it comes together – right as the world needs it most! Looking forward to getting to know you better Brandon,