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  • Emily Dickinson

    November 8, 2020 at 8:12 pm

    Brandon this is such a good idea! Great to get to know the rest of you as well.

    I was born & raised in Tennessee. I studied Social Work and thought that was the way I was going to make an impact in the world. Then I went to Australia “for 6 months” about 17 years ago where I met my husband. I then worked as a Social Worker in a church (church and state mix here – it’s amazing!) and did various roles in the church and also in a state-wide organisation for 12 years. I then discovered coaching. It changed my life and perspective on everything. I thought I was healthy but I had so much more to learn!

    Three years ago, I had a baby and decided that because that wasn’t a big enough life change, I should also start a new career as an Executive Coach. I trained with an American company called Novus Global and I now work with them as the sole coach in Australia (so far). I coach individuals, start-ups, small businesses and all the way through to multi-billion dollar companies to help people explore what they’re capable of. It’s great to have the flexibility of working from home and also to be able to serve people in a way that helps them achieve their goals.

    I met Steve through being on his podcast as well & love what he is doing in the world! I play a small part in serving the Small Small Business community when the time zones work.

    Outside of work, I mainly spend my time toddler-wrangling, watching cartoons and playing with toys ha ha.