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Welcome to SSB! Forums I Have a Question to Ask 2020 – From Your Perspective Reply To: 2020 – From Your Perspective

  • Steve Fredlund

    November 10, 2020 at 11:04 am

    Unbelievable year; really quite insane. There has been a lot of external turmoil as we as my personal internal turmoil; there has been a lot to wrestle with that has given me new insights into the world and myself.

    From a business perspective, it has created opportunities that I am just now figuring out how to utilize (wish I had realized it sooner). These are opportunities to really serve small, small businesses that need the help…. but even more than that, those that “want” the help. Almost every small business needs it but only a few recognize it, or are willing to sacrifice a bit of time to take advantage of it.

    So lately I have become focused less on convincing people they could use the help and more on being able to spot those who are raising their hands and saying, “help!” and then rushing to see what I can do.

    The year is definitely a strange one, but also created opportunities for my entire family to be home again together. With kids at college or overseas, we thought the 5 of us together would only happen at holidays in the future, but have seen about 8 months all under the same roof again. We are trying to soak it in even if 5 adults in our house is a bit cramped 🙂

    I will ask that responses to this avoid getting too political. I value everyones opinions but don’t want to create an environment where community gets broken. I love how you posted this Brandon, so it’s more about the responses. Thanks..