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  • Jackie Giese

    November 11, 2020 at 10:13 am

    Thank you all for sharing your story and thank you Brandon for getting it started.

    Here is a little bit about me. I grew up in a military family (career Navy Father) and spent much of my childhood moving around. We finally rooted ourselves in Minnesota where my parents grew up.

    Throughout high school I was very involved in organizations such as Business Professionals of America as well as Health Occupation Students of America. I knew I wanted to have a career in health care but was not 100% sure what I wanted to do so the opportunity to explore career options in high school was highly valuable. Participating in Business Professionals of America was solely the result of wanting to do something that would put me outside of my comfort zone. You see, I was terrible studying economics, and had to work incredibly hard studying math but I felt drawn to surrounding myself with people who were different and excelled in skills that I did not.

    I grew up as an avid soccer player and in my sophomore season, I tore my meniscus which required surgical repair and physical therapy. Hmmm, physical therapy, a health care career I had not yet been introduced to. You see where this story is going…. being a patient in PT now took me on my path to my future career. I graduated as a Physical Therapist Assistant and started my career in a skilled nursing facility (nursing home) where I was the only full time provider working with a casual PT. Being a new grad without having direct mentorship forced me to up my game to ensure my patients were getting the absolute best care they deserved. In my first year as a new grad I had 40 hours of continuing education under my belt (our license requires us to have 20 every 2 years). As I worked in the field, I began to notice gaps in health care and wanted to be proactive about bridging those gaps so I started developing wellness programs for the company that I worked for. They were thrilled because it meant additional revenue and I was thrilled because I was fulfilling a passion. As I grew in my career and personal life (married with 3 littles and 2 dogs) I dreamed about one day owning my own small physical therapy and wellness practice in the town I lived.

    I see I’m getting lengthy here so to make a long story less long, in March of 2020 my business partner and I became incorporated and in October we opened the doors of our private practice. I have no idea what I am doing when it comes to business but am reminded that putting myself in proximity of those that do will help me to grow my knowledge. #foreverastudent (yes I just used a hashtag on a professional platform :))