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  • Tammy Olson

    November 17, 2020 at 6:20 pm

    Hey Brandon, great idea to ask this question!

    I’m a new member AND I’m a new business owner, and unlike a few of you, I have NO entrepreneurs in my family tree. I do think self-employment/entrepreneurship can be seen to run in families.

    I have worked in corporate settings my entire career, most recently for one of the big three global business travel management companies. You can imagine the effects of COVID on my former employer. Fortunately, I had begun exploring self-employment in the months prior to the pandemic and so by the time my company was offering voluntary terminations with severance, I was super excited to take the leap.

    Big picture, I am a virtual assistant but more specifically, I provide
    small business owners the flexible, professional resources they need to scale
    up at their own pace, streamlining their business systems and identifying efficiencies, tools or
    platforms and next steps, allowing them to grow their business while enjoying
    their work again.

    A lifelong Minnesotan, I enjoy camping, downhill skiing, reading and spending time with my dog, Finnegan, my horse, Rookie, and my husband, Brian. In that order 🙂

    I look forward to engaging with the members and resources here in this community!

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