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Membership overview

If you aren’t already, join us in of our free, private Facebook group. We are having some great conversations out there and it’s a chance to meet some great people.

There is also a lot of great free content available on the site including the Facebook group, podcast, highlight videos, blog articles, affiliate links & discounts, and links to our “Featured Experts.”

But if that isn’t enough for you, consider joining us here in the SSB Community membership site. There are a ton of benefits with our foundational Learn & Connect Plan along with opportunities to be a Featured Member, participate in a Mastermind, and get Private Coaching.

The Membership Plans

Not only do you get valuable benefits from joining SSB, you will also be supporting our efforts to ignite a transformation in our local communities. We are building relationships with community development programs to bring coaching and leadership tools to small, small business owners. Membership in SSB allows us to subsidize some of the cost of these programs in an effort to be a catalyst for community change.

All memberships are monthly with no long-term commitment. If you don’t think you are getting value any more, then end your membership and we wish you well. But we think you will be sticking around a while, and we hope you do so we can celebrate your success!

Learn & Connect

The foundation of the SSB Community is the “Learn & Connect” membership plan. Get the content you need and connect with the people who can positively impact your business, while providing financial support for our efforts in revitalizing communities around the world.

In addition to all the free content & connections through SSB, your membership provides

  • Interactive discussion forums to post questions for coaches, experts, and other business owners, while also creating value by adding your own insights.
  • Connections with other owners through groups and forum discussions; you can even start your own group to attract the types of connections you need
  • Direct connection with all global SSB experts and connections
  • Member discounts on special programs
  • You will even get a “Shout Out” on the SSB Podcast when become a member

Mastermind Plan

Few things are as powerful as weekly peer mentoring that happens through mastermind groups. Members of this plan receive all the benefits of the “Learn & Connect” plan plus access to one Mastermind Group every week. Inside the SSB Community, we will set up special groups and discussion forums specifically for those in masterminds to be able to connect more deeply with members of their MM group and across all masterminds.

  • Includes benefits of the Learn & Connect plus
  • Access to one weekly mastermind group
  • Opportunity to test drive multiple mastermind groups to find the right fit
  • Access to special Mastermind groups and forums

Breakthrough Plan

Our most comprehensive plan includes all benefits of the other plans, including access to a weekly Mastermind, plus the personal insights and breakthroughs that come from one-on-one private coaching. The coaching includes two, one-hour sessions per month plus email access to the coach.

  • Includes benefits of the Learn & Connect
  • Includes benefits of the Mastermind Plan
  • Two, 60-minute private coaching sessions every month
  • Access to special Coaching Client groups and forums

Optional ‘Featured Member’ Add-On

How much bang for your advertising buck do you currently get for $47/month? What if I told you that we can put you in front of your target market (small business owners) and allow you to engage with them in ongoing discussions where you can display your value?

That’s what being a ‘Featured Member’ of the SSB Community can do for you. And beyond the ability to interact with small business owners, helping them with their questions and developing relationships, everywhere you go in the SSB Community you will be identified as a ‘Featured Member’ – everyone will know that you are available to help them and serious about making a contribution to the community.

You will also receive a full listing on the Featured Members page, which is available for the public to see beyond the SSB community. You control what you want on the listing and can change it as needed.

And if you want, you can have your own page on the SSB site. If you don’t have a website, you can use this page as your static presence on the web for a fraction of the cost of building one. You will get a personalized URL that is Compare the cost of getting your own website (even a simple one) built, hosted, and maintained!

Oh, you already have a website? Sweet! Then use this page as a supplemental place to send SSB Community members; build the page in a way the makes sense to us SSB owners and then direct us to your main site if we are interested. The additional content and traffic will also help your SEO score.

As a Featured Member we will throw in some other benefits to help you build your brand and business. When you become a featured expert we will give you a shout out on the SSB podcast. We will also give you priority consideration as we refer our clients to experts. And if you are interested in being a podcast guest or contributing write for the blog, yo will be given priority consideration for those opportunities as well.

Need another reason? OK, fine. As a Featured Member you will receive a personalized code that you can give out to prospective SSB members. If they use the code when they sign up, they get a discount and you earn double your standard affiliate bonus (which everyone can participate in by the way! See the bottom of this page).

In summary, here are the benefits of the Featured Expert add-on:

  • Identified as a ‘Featured Member’ throughout the site
  • Full listing on the Featured Members page
  • Your own page, hosted on the SSB site
  • Podcast “shout-out” when you become a featured expert
  • Priority consideration for client referrals
  • Priority consideration as a podcast guest
  • Priority consideration as a blog writer
  • Double affiliate income potential

If you want the Featured Expert add-on, you can choose it with any membership plan when you select your program.