PRESS RELEASE: The Small Small Business (SSB) Community Launches Wide-Sweeping COVID Response Programs

PRESS RELEASE: The Small Small Business (SSB) Community Launches Wide-Sweeping COVID Response Programs

The Small Small Business (SSB) Community is a collection of business coaches and experts who are passionate about the success of small, small businesses. We want to help them not only survive, but thrive, during (and after) these difficult times because we understand how closely their success is tied to the vitality and vibrancy of their communities.
Steve Fredlund, Founder of SSB, Announces the SSB COVID Response Programs

We have been helping them individually but are now expanding our response to be part of the global economic solution. We are encouraged by the billions of dollars being used to help small businesses stay open, but we believe the solution must also involve equipping small business owners, nonprofit directors, and other organizational leaders to be able to pivot and find growth opportunities in these trying times, as well as become more successful and resilient for the future.

So, in alignment with our mission and in the context of a time of economic struggle, the SSB Community is launching a three-part program in response to the pandemic; one geared toward individual business owners & nonprofit leaders, one geared toward Chambers of Commerce who at the leading edge of this struggle, and one geared toward Communities

SSB Responds for Owners & Leaders

SSB Response for Owners & Leaders
Any leader of a small business, nonprofit, or government organization can email and request a code for 50% off the Learn & Connect Plan or Mastermind Plan at There are no geographic or other restrictions on this offer.

SSB Responds for Chambers of Commerce

SSB Response for Chambers
The SSB is offering the following ABSOLUTELY FREE to as many chambers as possible, on a first-come first-serve basis:

  • Three webinars with topics chosen by the chamber, based on the most pressing needs of their small businesses. These are planned and facilitated by the SSB using coaches and other experts in the SSB network. They will be open to all chamber members and include a significant amount of time for live interaction and Q&A.
  • Lifetime membership for all chamber members at (valued at $17/month). The chamber will be given a code that all of their members can use to get the membership absolutely free for life. An additional, optional code will be made available for members to receive 50% off masterminds.

There is no restriction on chamber size or location; we want to help those who are the most hungry to see their small businesses flourish. The program may be suspended if we become unable to fill demand, but we are not setting any limit up front as we have many people lining up ready to help our communities. Email take advantage of this offer.

SSB Responds for Communities

SSB Response for Communities
The SSB is discounting our already cost-effective transformational six-month programs to help groups of small business owners, nonprofit directors, and other organizational leaders. These groups can be independently formed or may already exist. The pricing has been set to be affordable for any business owner, but the SSB is willing to work with cities, counties, chambers, foundations, economic development authorities, grants, or any other group that has funding available to support small business development and growth.

There are three special packages available to groups of 10 or more, ranging from $700 to $2,200 per participant (30-40% discount). The programs involve different combinations of mini-MBA training, individual coaching, group coaching, masterminds, and memberships at Details are available upon request.

Email for more details on the packages or if you have any questions.

Don’t miss out; contact us NOW to get the ball rolling!

Steve Fredlund, MBA, FSA, SWP
Small Small Business Community

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