Ep 024: Brandon Turner on the Power of Standard Operating Procedures

Brandon Turner is the owner of Procedure Sheets, specializing in helping small, small business owners document repetitive processes for the sake of delegation that ensures consistent quality and greater efficiency. Brandon and his team have a revolutionary and effective approach to documentation and execution, allowing you to track the process in real-time every step of the way and to ensure steps in the process are done in the correct order, and done right. You can meet with Brandon to chat about your situation and develop a game plan for moving your life out of the chaos of undocumented and inefficient procedure. Check them out at getsops.com and recipesforbusiness.com

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Steve Fredlund is a business coach and founder of the SSB Community. He holds an MBA, is a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries and is certified in Strategic Workforce Planning. Steve has decades of experience in corporate finance, nonprofit leadership, and running his own small, small business.

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