Ep 035: Self-Leadership: Know Yourself to Lead Yourself, with Lois Joseph

Self-leadership is essential for anyone who wants to get stuff done, especially solopreneurs and entrepreneurs. We will provide you ways you can become more aware of your mindset, skill set, and natural tendencies. Then how to use your self-awareness to effectively lead yourself and get stuff done. We cover a lot of ground in this conversation filled with hints on improving our leadership and our self-awareness. Go to loisjoseph.com to connect with Lois or email ljenterprises@loisjoseph.com

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The SSB Podcast is produced by the Small Small Business Community, a membership-based group helping small, small businesses move from chaos to confidence. Filled with owners, coaches, and other experts, the SSB Community creates & curates focused content, initiates global connections to other owners & experts, and provides price-sensitive opportunities for mastermind groups and private coaching.

Steve Fredlund is a business coach and founder of the SSB Community. He holds an MBA, is a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries and is certified in Strategic Workforce Planning. Steve has decades of experience in corporate finance, nonprofit leadership, and running his own small, small business.

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