The smallest businesses and nonprofits rarely get the same level of support that larger organizations receive… until now!

Free 30-Minute Consultation with Steve

At Small Small Business, everything starts with a 30-minute phone call with Steve, which is often long enough to figure out a path forward. After the initial consultation, Steve will recommend a path forward which will be customized based on your situation. A few of our most common offerings have been shared below to give you a flavor of what you can expect.

For all paid services, payment is required in advance of working together.

Clarity Intensive

Sometimes we need to dig a bit deeper to get the clarity we need on where we are now, where we are trying to go and what’s getting in our way. The Deep Dive gives Steve the time to ask more questions to really understand the situation and figure out an optimal strategy to move you to breakthrough. Steve has an extensive track record at getting individuals and organizations unstuck and back on the path to success (however they define it). Steve will create a customized, optimal strategy to get your breakthrough. This strategy will involve an optimal combination of the services offered by SSB, connecting you with deeply qualified SSB experts to get you where you are trying to go.

  • $300 one-time cost
  • One 90-minute session with Steve
  • Follow-up email with recommendations
  • If conducted on Zoom, a video recording will be provided

Hourly Live Support

Most optimal solutions resulting from a diagnostic consulting meeting with Steve result in a customized proposal to maximize the success of the client. That proposal may include training, coaching, consulting or other services offered by our experts. Below are the base rates for each SSB offered service; and these are also the rates used to build all proposals:

  • $125/hr for General Expertise: General training, assessment, facilitation
  • $200/hr for Specialized Expertise: Specific training, consulting, coaching
  • $350/hr for Steve Fredlund coaching

Email Coaching

Live support is extremely valuable, but for some people, using email (or a Google Doc) is a great way to ask questions and get feedback from their coach. There is no scheduled time and all responses are automatically documented; it also allows quick questions to be asked in real-time rather than waiting until the next session. While experts are available for limited email when working with all clients, these packages are intended to be used as an alternative to live coaching packages. Note that you may choose to purchase access to multiple SSB coaches to really get the real-time support you need during difficult or growth seasons of your organization.

  • Responses are guaranteed within two business days.
  • $150/month for unlimited-access email coaching with an SSB Expert
  • $250/month for unlimited-access email coaching with Steve

Individual Training Packages

SSB has been accepted for inclusion on Minnesota’s Eligible Training Provider List (EPTL) which allows us to be selected by clients of specific state programs. While SSB can customize training in many areas, there are 24 specific courses that have been approved, which are also available to anyone outside of those programs.

  • $3,000 covers 15 hours of training and coaching from an SSB expert
  • Any course materials and other resources provided by the trainer
  • Training must be completed within three months of starting the program
  • Limited email access to the trainer during the training period

Steve’s 6-Month Impact Coaching Package

Steve focuses his efforts on diagnosing situations and creating optimal solutions for SSB clients. However, Steve selects a few entrepreneurs, small business owners or nonprofit leaders to invest in directly by providing discounted coaching; these are individuals that have a significant opportunity to positively impact their communities. Coaching is limited to six months and Steve will have no more than four active Impact Coaching clients at any time.

  • $525/mo or $3,000 for 6 months
  • One 90-minute session with Steve per month
  • If conducted on Zoom, a video recording will be provided
  • Limited email access during the coaching period
  • DOUBLE UP: Add a second 90-minute session each month! Total cost becomes $975/mo or $5,600 for 6 months

“Pick 6” Package

Choose six 90-minute sessions with SSB experts for training, coaching, consulting or other needs. The package includes an initial 30-minute planning session with Steve to understand priorities and develop an optimal plan for the package. You may choose any combination of sessions between SSB experts, including multiple with the same person. You will receive unlimited email access with each expert starting the day of your session and ending one month after your final session (if multiple) with that expert.

  • $2,000 total cost
  • Six 90-minute sessions plus the initial planning session
  • Email access with each expert until one month after final session with each expertAll sessions must be completed within three months.
  • All sessions must be completed within three months

SSB Mastermind

Masterminds, when facilitated well and composed of the right people, are incredibly powerful tools for entrepreneurs, small business owners and nonprofit leaders. When a participant is “in focus”, they have the opportunity to bring any question, concern or other topic of conversion to the group, which then focuses on providing insights and support to directly help that person, which of course benefits all members of the group.

  • First month is free as a trial for new participants
  • $600 for 6 months (after first free month)
  • Meetings are 90 minutes, meeting every two weeks
  • Each meeting has two 45-minute “in focus” segments
  • Groups consist of 4-8 active participants.
  • Shared document to stay connected, continue the dialogue and manage the group


We can’t all be experts at everything; sometimes we just need to pay someone to do something for us. Maybe you need a business plan to get funding, a social media manager, optimal pricing strategies, a part-time Chief Financial Officer or simply someone to create a promotional video or one-page graphic. The team at Small Small Business does all of these things and many, many more. If you are tired of people just teaching you things and just want someone to do it for you (Steve can totally relate), then consider letting SSB put together a proposal that will help you take some things off of your to-do list. Costs vary by service, but our clients are often delighted with how much value they get from SSB based on what we charge; we have a number of experts who do phenomenal work at a below-market cost and we are also able to create scale to provide lower pricing. Set up a call with Steve, talk through what you need, and allow SSB to create a free quote for you.


One of the biggest mistakes we see from nonprofit leaders and small business owners is facilitating their own strategic planning sessions or important group meetings. The leader becomes preoccupied with facilitating the meeting and is no longer able to engage as they otherwise would with the actual brainstorming or planning; further, it reduces the engagement of other participants when there is not a neutral third party running the session. Pricing typically ranges between $150 to $400 per meeting hour, but does vary based on the length of the session, amount of preparation, number of post-session deliverables and the level of experience needed due to the complexity of the conversation.