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SSB Membership Plans

$17/mo Learn & Connect: 1) Access to live Q&A with experts and the video archives, 2) Access to groups & forums to read and engage in conversations between owners, coaches, and experts, and 3) Ability to start & join groups with others in same location or industry.

$97/mo Mastermind: Includes the Learn & Connect benefits plus 1) Access to a weekly mastermind (peer mentoring) group with a designated facilitator, 2) Ability to test-drive multiple mastermind groups to find the right fit, and 3) Access to special Mastermind groups and discussion forums.

$397/mo Private Coaching & Training: Includes the Learn & Connect benefits plus 1) Two, 60-minute private coaching sessions every month, and 2) Access to special Coaching Client groups and forums.

$497/mo Breakthrough: Includes all the benefits of both the Mastermind and Learn & Connect plans.

All memberships are monthly with no long-term commitment. If you don’t think you are getting value any more, then end your membership and we wish you well. But we think you will be sticking around a while, and we hope you do so we can celebrate your success!

SSB Other Packages

$500 Lifetime Learn & Connect Membership: Pay once to receive all the benefits of the Learn & Connect membership for life.

$220 One Hour of Ad Hoc Coaching or Training: Meet with a coach or expert to get exactly the help you need when you need it.

$2,400 Twelve Hours of Ad Hoc Coaching or Training: Get 12 sessions with coaches or experts based on your specific needs and schedule.

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