Initial Assessment for Small Business Owners (30 minutes)


Initial Assessments are not only for business owners and nonprofit leaders who are just getting into the SSB Community, but for anyone who can use some focused time to get clear on where you are trying to go and what’s getting in the way.  Because it is often the first paid coaching session, the rate has been reduced to make sure you get as much value as possible as you move into potentially more coaching. You will leave this 30-minute session armed with the first steps of an action plan tailored just for you!



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Get clarity on the MITs – Your Most Important Tasks that you need to focus on right now to go from chaos to confidence!

As a part of this 30 minute initial assessment and strategy session, you’ll see just how healthy your business currently is and see where you can make the biggest impact on building a successful enterprise. We’ll identify key areas that need the most attention and define some goals and options for getting started. Our experts have helped hundreds of small business owners find success and the confidence of running a profitable business, while leveraging their time and keeping a work life balance.

Schedule your assessment today! You’ll receive a link with an opportunity to speak with one of our expert business coaches on ways you can move forward.


1) How much can we actually get done in 30 minutes?

By doing our quiz, we will know immediately your top priorities and be able to ask specific questions that will help us narrow down the 1-2 MITs for shifting this area of your business.

2) What can I expect from the Initial Assessment of my business? You will not only get 1-2 MITs for a specific need, but we go through many of the main systems within your business so you have an overall idea of the key areas that need the most help. This clarity can help you know exactly where to go and what’s getting in the way.

3) Can I book more than one initial assessment?

Initial assessments are just that. Once we have taken the time to learn about your business, then you will have the opportunity to become a member, join our Facebook Group or get into one of our customized programs to engage with other business owners and grow collectively. If you have not purchased a program, we do allow you to book one assessment every 6 months.

4) Are there any discounts if you are just starting a new business?

Because it is often the first paid coaching session, the rate has been reduced to make sure you get as much value as possible as you move into a customized coaching program.

5) What types of businesses do you normally work with?

We take the time to match you with a successful business coach or expert in your industry. We are here to support you as a community and give you the resources you need whether you are a brick and mortar, consultant, solopreneur, entrepreneur, eCommerce or technology company. All our coaches and experts have years of experience  running successful businesses and consulting thousands of businesses in all stages. We are here for you!

Get started on running a successful, profitable business and book your initial assessment now!


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