Push Aside Payroll Problems Once And For All

Written by: Alex Bulmer Payroll responsibilities are a crucial part of having employees. Of those payroll responsibilities, the most important is accurate payroll. After all, inaccurate payroll may lead to fines or other penalties. Here are some of the most common payroll problems that businesses face as well as, we think, some good solutions. Managing … Read more.

Your Guide To A Successful Financial Audit

Written by: Alex Bulmer Financial audits: the bane of every business professional. But as you know, simply approaching the topic the right way, and with the right degree of preparation, will make the process much less painful. In general, there are three common problems that depict a negative audit experience: poor audit preparation, inflexibility and … Read more.

10 Reasons Why You Should Do Business Projections in 2021

Written by: Roger Scherping I’ve spent most of my career trying to see the financial future of the companies I managed. I’ve seen what happens when small companies don’t know what their next 12 months look like, or when they don’t understand the financial impact of their business decisions. So based on my own experiences, … Read more.

4 Secrets To Getting A Loan

Written by: Alex Bulmer #1 Most Important Secret Your Financial statements are up to date, accurate, complete, and presentable. This includes an Income Statement (Year-to-Date to most recent month end) and a Balance Sheet as of the same date. Spend the time and make sure they are correct. Otherwise, this will reduce your credibility and … Read more.

Top 6 Record-Keeping Mistakes

Written by: Alex Bulmer As a business owner, you have hundreds of things on your mind day after day. For a lot of us, bookkeeping is one of the last things that we want to deal with anything. I want to go over the top 6 things that you may be missing record keeping. Receipts … Read more.

Ep 018: Darin Mastroianni on financial planning based on your goals

Darin Mastroianni is a former major league baseball player who always had a passion for finances; so after his baseball career he spent some time with his family before joining Edward Jones to help people succeed financially. In this episode we talk about accumulation, distribution, and preparing for business sale; we also chat about the … Read more.