Great Leaders Know That Less Is Often More

Written by: Quint Studer “Less is more” is a common term; however, it is very uncommonly practiced. It seems there is a natural tendency to feel that the more actions taken, the better the results. Then there is the difficult decision of how much “less” is too much “less.” Like many things, at times, the … Read more.

Why Don’t We Prioritize Positive Conversations?

Written by: Quint Studer It seems that even after all these years, I still find those “aha!” moments. By that I mean situations in which I suddenly become aware of something and wonder why I did not know it sooner. When this happens, I try to move from “I should have known this sooner” to “I am glad … Read more.

A Simple Question That Engages Employees in Real Conversations

Written by: Quint Studer Leaders want to make real connections with employees. We know building solid relationships with those who report to us is vital. We’ve all heard that most employees don’t leave their job, they leave their boss. And the stronger this relationship is, the happier and more engaged employees are. I’ve always been … Read more.

What Is Employee Turnover And Why You Should Care

Written by: Amor Traceski   When people leave their place of employment, the reasons are either voluntary or involuntary.  Whether employees resign or are terminated for cause, many employers, unwisely, view the departing employees as those who can just be replaced.  They figure they’ll just hire another.  This seemingly nonchalant attitude is detrimental for your … Read more.

Ep 030: Intro to Personal Brand with Alba Gomez

Alba Gomez is a presence and personal brand coach, a first impressions expert, and body language specialist. She is a media commentator, keynote speaker, experienced engineer, proud Colombian, and lover of people. In this session we talk about the importance of personal brand and how we even get started. The presentation was recorded for the … Read more.

Good Leaders: Nature or Nurture

Written by: Stev Stegner For your company to grow, the leaders and managers need to grow.  Many people can develop into good leaders as long as their surroundings encourage leadership.  Some people believe that leadership comes easier to intelligent people, this is not the case.  Good leaders need to be able to have an above … Read more.

The Two Struggles of Good Leaders (Emily)

Emily Dickinson is one of our SSB Coaches who is a featured guest on Australian radio. She is a coach at Novus Global and, in this episode, she chatted about the Intuitive Fence and how it ties to the two struggles of good leaders. Every leader drastically underestimates what they’re capable of. Every leader drastically … Read more.