Ep 026: Jeff Nischwitz on Emotional Tsunamis for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

Jeff Nischwitz, an international speaker, transformation coach, author, and co-host of The Impact Leadership Podcast. He is also the Founder and Chief Snow Globe Shaker of The Nischwitz Group and a co-founder of Cardivera, a leadership development eco-system that helps its members grow their leadership, their lives and their businesses (www.cardivera.com). Jeff refers to himself … Read more.

5 Benefits Of Hosting An Online Community In The Age Of Social Distancing

Written by: Connor DeLaney This article was originally published by Connor DeLaney on August 26, 2020 at https://www.impactplus.com/blog/benefits-of-hosting-online-community-age-of-social-distancing I’d never been a community manager before starting in my current role as a community and events manager back in February.  I always enjoyed helping people, taking part in different conversations, and have what I think is … Read more.

Ep 025: Connor DeLaney on Creating Rockstar Connections

Connor DeLaney is a Community and Events Manager with IMPACT who is passionate about creating “rock star” connections. As a young professional, he encourages others to not just try to build mass following, but to focus in on building meaningful relationships with those with whom you can mutually benefit. Connor recognizes that COVID-19 carries unique … Read more.

Ep 003 Sabrina Schottenhamel on Networking

Networking sounds like a good idea, but it is worth the time and money to get together with the same group of people every week just to go around and share about our business for one minute each? Sabrina Schottenhamel lives near Chicago, Illinois, and has been a licensed massage therapist for 16 years. She … Read more.