5 Ways to be More Productive

Written by: Stev Stegner https://www.stevstegner.com/five-ways-to-be-more-productive.html Here are 5 ways for you to be more productive in your work and home life. Have you ever wondered what happened to your day or your weekend? Time just seems to fly by and things don’t seem to get done. Here are 5 ways for you to be more … Read more.

Ep 028: A Winning Routine, with Jay Rasmussen

Jay Rasmussen is a Dirty Laundry Expert. All of the many Rasmussen Consultants customers had their best year ever in 2020. You heard that correctly. In November, Jay accepted an Executive Leadership role with a family owned Dirty Laundry company, to lead their Midwest expansion. Jay is a writer and speaker focused on the fundamentals … Read more.

Ep 007 Jade Stanley on Procedures

Small, small business owners are getting burnt out by overwhelming and inefficient operations without the ability to rest or practice self-care. We need to figure out how to get our tasks done more efficiently, whether that is automation or outsourcing or having procedures that will streamline our work. Jade Stanley is an expert from Jacksonville, … Read more.

Ep 005 Lisa Zawrotny on Simplicity

Lisa Zawrotny is a Certified Stress Management Coach specializing in Productivity & Organizing from New York. She is committed to removed the “Busy Badge of Honor” that so many of us wear, offering a way to move from Complexity to Simplicity. We talk about considering all of our todos and focus only on the Important … Read more.