How Do You Sabotage Your Success?

Written by: Brandon Turner Everyone has had the experience of self-destructing. It’s a strange feeling to know that you ruined the very thing you were trying so hard to accomplish. Most self-sabotage is the result of discomfort. It can be the discomfort of failing, succeeding, or having to perform tasks that are uncomfortable. You may … Read more.

Crash Course Diet

Written by: Jay Rasmussen I just lost 35lbs in one month, using a highly structured and simplified plan, that I had witnessed my brother have tremendous results with 2 years ago. It’s basically a combination of all good and terrible diets you’ve ever heard of, all at once, including supplements. I had my first personal … Read more.

Entrepreneurs: How Far Do YOU Need to See in the Dark?

Written by: Brandon Turner Most entrepreneurs will admit that when they got started in their first business, they didn’t spend a whole lot of time on doing their homework! Most entrepreneurs have had multiple business failures too, and it doesn’t bother them one bit. The entrepreneur is usually focused on action, not research. A great … Read more.

You’re A Salesperson in Your Life!

Written by: Brandon Turner Strange as it may seem, our life is made up of a series of “sales presentations”.  Sales may not be your gig, but if you’re the boss you’re making presentations every day.  Be it a pitch to your Board, announcing a policy change to employees, selling an idea to your spouse, … Read more.