How Do You Sabotage Your Success?

Written by: Brandon Turner Everyone has had the experience of self-destructing. It’s a strange feeling to know that you ruined the very thing you were trying so hard to accomplish. Most self-sabotage is the result of discomfort. It can be the discomfort of failing, succeeding, or having to perform tasks that are uncomfortable. You may … Read more.

The Power of Tracking Yourself

Written by: Quint Studer Which behaviors does your organization have zero tolerance for?  I have always believed in diagnosing before treating. When we want to get better in some area, whether it’s in how we lead or outside of work, we first need a realistic picture of our challenges. Tracking ourselves is a great diagnostic … Read more.

Ep 030: Intro to Personal Brand with Alba Gomez

Alba Gomez is a presence and personal brand coach, a first impressions expert, and body language specialist. She is a media commentator, keynote speaker, experienced engineer, proud Colombian, and lover of people. In this session we talk about the importance of personal brand and how we even get started. The presentation was recorded for the … Read more.

Ep 028: A Winning Routine, with Jay Rasmussen

Jay Rasmussen is a Dirty Laundry Expert. All of the many Rasmussen Consultants customers had their best year ever in 2020. You heard that correctly. In November, Jay accepted an Executive Leadership role with a family owned Dirty Laundry company, to lead their Midwest expansion. Jay is a writer and speaker focused on the fundamentals … Read more.