Best Practices for Effective Small Business Branding

Written by: Katie Conroy Your brand has a huge impact on how customers perceive your business. However, fostering an effective brand is difficult, especially for small businesses. The following best practices will help you get on the right branding path, presented by Small Small Business. Explore the Full Potential of Branding Branding has the potential … Read more.

7 Things About Running a Small Business That No One Talks About

Written by: April Franklin Do you dream of running your own business? For many people, having the freedom to pursue their passion and work on their own terms is an important ambition. Being able to build wealth for yourself, not someone else, and follow your own interests sounds amazing.  But, the reality can often be … Read more.

10 Budget-Friendly Strategies To Market Your Small Business

Written by: Lynne Strang If you’re a small business owner with limited funds for marketing, take heart. You don’t have to break the bank to market your product or service effectively. For greater brand awareness, consider these budget-friendly tactics and suggestions: Get positive reviews and testimonials. These help establish trust and enhance the credibility of … Read more.

Branding 101: How to Brand a Small Business

Written by: Valerie Hunter You might think branding a small business isn’t necessary and that it will be a difficult and expensive venture anyway. After all, if you’re only operating in your local area or have a small website, why do you need to worry about your brand? While those thoughts might be understandable, the … Read more.

Marketing in a Time of Crisis: What Small Businesses Should Do

Written by: Stephani LaMantia Marketing during difficult times can be extremely tricky and calls for a well-thought-out approach that will need to be constantly adjusted to respond to a changing landscape of events. Whether it’s a world-wide pandemic or mass protests (hello 2020), the “do no harm” approach (avoiding anything that can offend anyone or … Read more.

Why Do Small Businesses Fail?

Written by: Roger Scherping No one likes to think about failing. We start our businesses with optimism, enthusiasm, and perhaps a level of confidence that comes from the fact that we don’t really understand just what we’re getting ourselves into. Well, we all know how we learn by making mistakes, but it’s far better … Read more.