Ep 043: Small Business Marketing with Jason Pratt of Prattify

Meet Jason Pratt-photographer, former corporate social media leader and two-time small business owner. Jason shares his passion for connecting with other small business leaders and a few tips on marketing your own business to success. Listen or Watch Now! The smallest businesses and nonprofits rarely get the same level of support that larger organizations receive. … Read more.

5 Benefits Of Hosting An Online Community In The Age Of Social Distancing

Written by: Connor DeLaney This article was originally published by Connor DeLaney on August 26, 2020 at https://www.impactplus.com/blog/benefits-of-hosting-online-community-age-of-social-distancing I’d never been a community manager before starting in my current role as a community and events manager back in February.  I always enjoyed helping people, taking part in different conversations, and have what I think is … Read more.

Why Social Media Advertising? Why Me? Why Now?

Written by: Kendra Cumberland If you are a small business owner in 2020, you have likely experienced a number of setbacks in your business this year. Whether you have been hit with supply chain issues, been forced to close your doors in your brick and mortar location, or simply spent the year searching for the … Read more.