How Much Does A Website Cost?

Written by:  Mark Praschan Businesses of all sizes can reap huge benefits from a well-made website, but it can be difficult to know how to budget for one. It can be especially difficult for small business owners that don’t have a lot of experience with website technology. Rather than just throwing out a number or … Read more.

3 Steps to Show-Stopping Website Content

Written by: Gloria Russell If you’ve ever looked at your website and thought it was boring and maybe even a bit generic, you’re not alone. Let’s face it—you love your business and your clients, but sometimes it’s hard to write about it. You know what it’s about and why people should flock to you, but … Read more.

Building Your Home On The Internet

Written by:  Mark Praschan Many small business owners are unfamiliar with verbiage and terms used to describe websites. Last month, SSB’s Steve Fredlund and I discussed an easy way to relate these concepts using the simple analogy of building a home. This article covers the same material as our recent podcast and video and is … Read more.

Ep 033: Small Business Websites: A Crash Course, with Mark Praschan

Examine the core concepts of small business websites with industry veteran Mark Praschan. This webinar-style presentation covers the basics of launching a website including: domains, hosting, platform, email, etc.). Mark Praschan has been building websites professionally for 20 years and specializes in WordPress, Ecommerce, and membership/subscription websites. He’s worked with Fortune 500 companies, main-street entrepreneurs, … Read more.

Let’s Get Visual: Design Resources for Your Next Project

Written by:  Mark Praschan For most small business owners, the idea of choosing brand elements like color palettes, fonts, and icons can sound like a lot of fun, but it can also be paralyzing. Here are a few resources to help get you started Color Palettes Today’s high-end computer monitors can display over 1 billion … Read more.

4 Easy Ways to Help Clients Find You with Website Content

Written by: Gloria Russell You may be serving your clients in person or online—or both. You’re doing a great job and want even more customers in 2021. Because your existing and future clients have a lot on their plates these days, you want to help them find you and your business information quickly and easily. … Read more.

It’s Time to Audit Your Website

Written by:  Mark Praschan Businesses change. Customers learn. Technologies evolve. Your website needs to adapt too. Clear Eyes… Can’t Lose Website audits are all about looking at your site with fresh eyes and identifying strengths and weaknesses. No website is perfect so it’s time to get honest about where you need to improve. It’s best … Read more.

Referral Sources?

Written by: Bob Shurtleff Blog Post – Referral Sources – Are you online or just networking? ( Where do you go to find a trusted service-based provider? About the author: Bob The Website Builder specializes in affordable, small business digital brochure style website design to drive traffic to your service-based business or physical storefront. Give … Read more.

Ep 023: Mark Praschan on Why Everyone Needs a Website

Mark is website developer and owner of WebsiteAMP, a company that has built three websites for SSB host Steve Fredlund and comes with Steve’s highest recommendations. On this episode Mark shares not only technical wisdom, but insights and strategies to help small businesses grow their online presence and, ultimately, increase their bottom line. Connect with … Read more.