Meet the Team

Steve Fredlund, MBA, FSA, SWP
Executive Director – North Branch, Minnesota

Although a life-long resident of rural Minnesota, I spent 30 years bringing clarity and innovative solutions to large corporations (Allianz, Medtronic, Thrivent, 3M) in functions such as actuarial, capital markets hedging, and workforce analytics. I have earned an MBA, a degree in mathematics, fellowship with the Society of Actuaries (FSA), and certification in Strategic Workforce Planning (SWP). I have an overlapping 20 years of nonprofit leadership experience including service on six boards and 11 years as volunteer Executive Director doing humanitarian work in Rwanda. I have spent the past two years focused on helping owners of small businesses optimize their results by guiding them toward the clear vision, aligned strategies, and effective execution.

Phone: +1 651 587 5435
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Stev Stegner, MBA
Business Leader – Forest Lake, Minnesota

I ran a small business for over 30 years, during that time I expanded to three locations and ultimately sold the business in 2019. I have extensive experience in marketing, time management for owners, maximizing profits, and getting your business ready to sell. The most important lesson I learned in the first 15 years of business was how to reduce my work hours from 45 to 20 hours per week while increasing sales.

My business coach changed my life. The one thing that matters is that you find success in this journey we call life. Success is always defined by you. Along our journey, I will keep you focused and grounded as your business evolves and grows.

Phone: +1 651 503 1337

Mark Praschan
Websites / Ecommerce – Caro, MI

I help small businesses succeed on the internet.

I’ve been building websites professionally for 20 years and I specialize in WordPress, Ecommerce, and membership/subscription websites. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Fortune 500 companies, main-street solo-preneurs, and everybody in between.

As an owner of a small small business myself, I know how to work through the challenges and capitalize on the opportunities that small businesses and entrepreneurs encounter. I’d love to talk about your next website project.

Jay Rasmussen, MBA
Execution Specialist – St. Paul, Minnesota

I explain things well. Plain and Simple.

I am a Dirty Laundry Expert. All of the many Rasmussen Consultants customers had their best year ever in 2020. You heard that correctly.

In November, I accepted an Executive Leadership role with a family-owned Dirty Laundry company, to lead their Midwest expansion.

I am a writer and speaker focused on the fundamentals of business execution.

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Emily Dickinson MA
Business Coach – Perth, Australia

I have lived, worked, and studied in the UK, USA, and Australia, where I advocate for people’s best life. I have a Bachelor’s degree and two Master’s degrees from Australia and the USA that focus on leadership, unlocking potential, and journeying with people from all walks of life. In short, I work with individuals and organizations at all stages to coach them towards reaching new heights in their personal and professional lives. I do this through coaching for individuals, companies, and organizations who want to go beyond their current state. I allow people to become more aware of their own strengths and develop strategies and plans to achieve the main objective.

Phone: +61 426 264 479

Kendra Cumberland, EdD
Social Media & Advertising – Reidsville, North Carolina

I started VisuaLoom to help small businesses connect with their ideal customers and clients through social media advertising and to help them build sustainable growth.

Coming from a family of small business owners, I recognize the importance of small businesses in local communities and I love to help support those small businesses.

With more than 14 years experience in the field of education I have a passion for training and educating others, and a lifelong love of learning.

You can reach me at or 336-517-7083.

Brandon Turner
Efficiency Specialist – Oklahoma

I am a Georgia-born, Oklahoma-based entrepreneur with an IT background. In 2017, I started Procedure Sheets: an online business offering a virtual service to other businesses.

We help people delegate, automate, and outsource what they do while keeping their team on the same page and tracking what happens in their business. Businesses we have and continue to serve include schools, bookkeepers, property management companies, flooring contractors, non-profits, real estate brokerages, a digital marketing agency, and a construction company.

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Connor DeLaney
Community & Events Manager – Connecticut

Connor is the Community & Events Manager at IMPACT. He is an innovator at heart, always bringing new ideas to the table and challenging the norm to find better solutions.

Connor combines his passions for education and marketing to empower others to meet their business and revenue goals and loves building unforgettable experiences through ground-breaking industry events and engaged, passionate communities.

In his free time, you will find him watching the Yankees game, reading a new book, or out on a dirt trail on his next adventure.

Amor Traceski
Human Resources Consultant – California

Amor Traceski is a Human Resources Consultant with over 20 years of experience in human resources management in various fields of industry.

She is also a motivational speaker, life coach and author of “Been There, Done That: Practical Tips & Wisdom from Cancer Survivors for Cancer Patients.”

Learn more about Amor online at

Gloria Russell
Strategic Copywriting – Minnesota

Gloria Russell is the founder and lead copywriter at Russell Resources, a Minnesota-based company helping small businesses achieve extraordinary success by creating exceptional website content that sends the right message to the right audience.

You can find her website at and, if interested in a phone chat or Zoom call, you can book a 25min get-acquainted call from the website’s scheduler.

Gloria Russell
Russell Resources LLC

Bob Shurtleff
Website – Forest Lake, Minnesota

I am Bob The Website Builder where I provide small business website design solutions that are customized, optimized, and strategized as the cornerstone of your complete online presence.

It is my goal and passion to help the new and small business owner to get online quickly, completely, and most importantly – affordably.

Please visit for more information. Bob The Website Builder

Joni Navarro Sucato
Nonprofit Specialist – Phoenix, Arizona

I currently serve as the CEO Feed Our Babies USA which I founded to help 10 school families. Now, 11 years later, we are helping more 12,000 school families considered the working poor. I am able to leverage the power of relationships between the school districts and our Community Partners.

I am also a professional speaker, coach and consultant to small businesses and nonprofits, podcast partner “Joni and Susie: The Doers” and a partner in a production company helping small businesses and nonprofits showcase their stories on film.

Phone: +1 480 352 2370

Alex Bulmer
Bookkeeping – Forest Lake, Minnesota

Alex has over 23 years in the restaurant industry and 7 years’ experience in the bookkeeping & accounting industry. He’s also a QuickBooks Pro Advisor.

As a restaurant owner for over 16 years, Alex knows how daunting accounting can be for the small business owner, but he also knows the importance of understanding the numbers to run the operations of a business efficiently.

Either you are too busy running the operations of your business, or perhaps there is a simple lack of knowing what all is involved when it comes to payroll, or perhaps it is a severe
case of paralysis of analysis.

In either case, it is his aim to be that trusted partner and consultant (CFO if you will) to aid in the financial, payroll and human resources part of the business so you can focus on why you got into business for yourself in the first place – enjoyment.

Alex Bulmer — Three Pillars Bookkeeping — 763-464-6408 —